About Aberfoyle Parents

Aberfoyle Parent Council provides a platform for communication between parents and the school. It aims to encourage parental involvement within the school, both by using parents' talents and skills to enhance learning, and by fundraising.

The Parent Council is open to all parents / carers of children at the nursery and school. Four open meetings are held during the year, to which all parents and teachers are invited. Dates for these meetings will be advertised throughout the year on this website and our Facebook page.  All Aberfoyle Parents events are published on our diary.

If you are interested in attending a meeting, becoming involved in any of the focus groups, or have any concerns or ideas you wish to discuss, please contact us by email.  (info@aberfoyleparents.org.uk)


Council Officers 2017/18


Chair: Lynn Warrington

Treasurer: Madeleine Kirk

Secretary: Lynne Steele


Facebook Editor: Lynne Steele and Jackie Stanford

Website Editor: Lynne Steele (Aberfoyle Parents) & Mr Fielden (Aberfoyle Primary and Nursery) 

Community Liaison: Ros Dingwall

Co-op Comminuty Liaison: Emma Ferguson



Gold Sports Award