Toe-to-Toe for Sals Shoes

Aberfoyle Primary will be taking part in the Toe-to-Toe initiative for Sals Shoes again this year.

As a reminder, there are 300 million children in the world for whom walking with shoes is a rarity. This makes them extremely vulnerable to infection by parasites, such as hookworm; while injuries to the feet and ankles can lead to ulcers and other conditions which are almost always left untreated. Without shoes, many children are not permitted to attend school.

The idea is that on the last day of the school term, the Aberfoyle children leave behind their school shoes and walk into the playground (or home) barefoot. These few steps help to remind them what children round the world face every day and those shoes, which are unlikely to be used again because feet grow over the summer or are a little scuffed so will be replaced in time for the new school year, won't just sit in the shoe cupboard getting in the way, but will have a second life. The children can bring in another pair of shoes for the journey home!
The shoes will be collected and sent to Sals Shoes (, who then send them to children around the world. Postage to the charity will be arranged and paid by a parent, but the charity asks that, if you are able, you attach £1 to the shoes to help with onwards distribution to their new feet.

Of course, you don’t have to take part in this collection and if you would rather keep the school shoes, you are welcome to send another pair of outgrown childrens shoes to be left behind. Please can we ask that each child only leaves ONE pair of shoes (to limit the carriage costs), in a wearable condition. There will be a collection box in school if you wish to leave shoes but your child won’t be in on the last day. You can also donate direct to the charity on their website if you wish.

Last year, the school shoes from Aberfoyle Primary were sent to Nicaragua, winter shoes went to Syria and summer shoes & football boots were sent to Zambia.

Thank-you for your support.