Poly-tunnel Project

Thank you for the great support you showed our little stall at the Summer Fair. All our plants were sold, pots were glittered and planted with seeds ready to be marvellous at our 'Tallest, Bestest Sunflower (or other) Competition in September, beasties knocked off the bean stalk and bees craftily directed onto the sunflower.
We raised over £75 towards buying a poly-tunnel for the school garden. This will enable us to over-winter our pollinating plants around our fruit trees but also enhance any gardening / health / Eco experiences across the school. Watch this space for further fundraising efforts. We need another £50 to clear the site, lay a semi-permeable fabric and cover in gravel before erecting the poly tunnel.
Thank you to Catriona Fenwick at Guyana Garden Centre for supplying the tomato and pepper plants, all the seeds and pots (we will use the 6's in our new poly-tunnel!). All entrants to our 'Tallest, bestest Sunflower (or other) Competition' will be contacted in late August to remind you to take a photograph of you standing next to your entry and give you a date for bringing in your photographs for judging. Look after your seeds and plants. Plant them in your garden and enjoy them over the summer holiday. We really look forward to seeing all your efforts in September.